How to Take Pictures of Your Car

by Paul Economou

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The never ending quest to get that one awesome shot worth printing out and blowing up is on a lot of car enthusiasts minds. Just sharing pictures of your car is fun and all, but if you can portray your car as being as awesome as you think it is by using the camera the right way, it makes the pictures all the more effective in getting your point across. It might sound a little cliché, but its very true, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This write-up will hopefully help out some fellow car enthusiasts in finding how they can take that one "money" shot of their car. All these ideas come from about a year or two of taking pictures of cars on a regular basis, experimenting with angles and camera settings.

The process:

1. The first step in getting the right picture is your background. Unfortunately, if the background isn't right, the viewer will have lost paying attention to the main subject and it will draw the eyes to the background, away from the car. Try to find a background that either compliments the car, or just adds to the car, without completely distracting you from it.

Example of a Distracting Background, overly dramatic, I know, but you get the point, your eyes automatically start checking out the background and ignoring the subject(s).


Example of what To do, this shot was taken at the exact same spot, I just moved and took advantage of the tree and stone wall that was next to the car, and used optical zoom to clear out most of the distracting background objects.


Example of a nice scenic landscape used as a background, nothing very distracting, a nice clean backdrop:

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