Welcome to my little world on the Internet. At this point, this website is dedicated to my zinc yellow 2001 Ford Mustang GT. I have information on my Mustang and on Mustangs in general. I have also compiled pictures of various car events that I have attended on this site. I am a car enthusiast, so any car that I might have interest in may find its picture on my site.

What's New:

MW Girls: Dusty Returns 1/27/09

Cleveland 6 Club at the Grand Prix of Cleveland 6/22-24/07

Birthday wishes from my girls 11/06/06

Cleveland 6 Club at Mohican State Park

Chicks dig me! 7/27/06

Fabulous Ford Forever Show at Knotts 4/12/06

New Model: Danielle 3/21/06

Valerie Returns 10/19/05

New Model: Valerie 8/21/05

MW Girls: Heather (MustangGirl850) 7/12/05

Washington, DC 6/16-20/05

Lube's Bachelor Party in Amsterdam 3/10-14/05

Rome 9/14-19/04