Bullitt Intake Swap


These are various pictures from the install of the Bullit intake on my 2001 GT. The install was performed by Xtreme Mustang Performance in Aliso Viejo, CA. Eric Chaney is the owner and he is very knowledgeable about Mustangs. He kept my install costs very low, even though it need custom fabrication that I didn't plan on having to do.


Above from left to right: mildly ported Bullitt intake, Bullitt vs. Stock intake, and 2001 Mustang GT heads. Note: That black steel tube that runs under the intake had to be modified to get the Bullitt to seat right on the heads. The steel tube would not hold a weld after bending, cutting and reshaping the tube, therefore it leaked. So, a heavy duty heater hose and clamps were used instead of custom fabricating the stock tube. The Bullitt has a specific part, but it couldn't be found in Ford's computer system..


Above from left to right: Picture of the alternator with its housing modified to fit next to the thermostat housing, modified EGR tube and EGR valve, and pic of the upper intake and intake tube after the install.


Pick of the Bullitt intake after the install. As you can see the stock 2001 valve covers could not be used with the Bullitt intake. Fortunately, I had the valve covers from my old 98 GT and they were used in the swap. It would have cost me another few hundred dollars, just to replace the valve covers.


Pics of the Xtreme Mustang Performance shop.


Pics of Xtreme Mustang Perfomance's customer cars